Meet your brain

Who am I?

Isn’t that a very interesting question?

How do we come to know ourselves in terms of our personalities and more importantly potential?

One of the first ways to come to know yourself is to understand that there is a lot about yourself that you don’t know…. YET!

That also means that you also do not know yet what YOU COULD BE!

Do you want to understand yourself more, know more about your potential, and make the right decisions for your future based on the activities that you enjoy, and the way that you like to behave in your day to day life?

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Personal Exploration

Do you want to understand yourself more, know more about your potential, and make the right decisions for your future based on the activities that you enjoy, and the way that you like to behave in your day to day life?

Career Exploration

PRISM BrainMapping for Career Exploration is a profiling tool that can help you to identify your natural strengths, interests and preferences with the way you work.

Make good decisions

The better you know yourself and your attributes, the more likely you will be able to make good decisions about what it is that you choose to study, and which career path you will ultimately take.

Prism Malta is an authorised and Licensed Practitioner and Trainer of Prism UK


Katrina Grech
PRISM Practitioner

Katrina is a self-confessed nerd. Her curiosity to constantly learn has landed her in the training and development industry where she can share knowledge and empower others. With a background in work psychology Katrina is curious about people’s behaviour and that has supported her growth within the field of brainmapping with PRISM. Outside of work Katrina loves to be out and about in nature and in better times, travelling!

Rachel Russell
PRISM Practitioner

Rachel has always been an artsy day dreamer. As a teen you would see her either doodling into her school books or with her nose buried into a novel. She started her career as an English teacher and her passion for development progressed into training many other skills in the business world. Rachel now uses this knowledge to help people who need guidance with improving aspects of their behaviour to achieve success in their careers. Outside of work, Rachel enjoys painting portraits and figurative art!

Lara Debono
PRISM Practitioner

Lara is an HR and Training Executive, skilled in communication, quality assurance, performance development, onboarding and recruitment. She is passionate about the human mind and enjoys learning about human behaviour in the workplace. She recently became certified as a PRISM Practitioner and is really looking forward to put her knowledge into practice. She loves a challenge (mental or physical), plays netball and water polo, enjoys travelling and a good book.

Hazel Miller
PRISM Practitioner

An ah-ha moment at a school Wellness initiative fuelled Hazel’s fascination for the human body. Inspired, she went on to work in a variety of roles within the health and well-being industry. Passionate about development, her focus has been on training and coaching. She enjoys creating engaging learning experiences to help others to gain deeper self-awareness. This creativity led her to gain recognition in the UK for her work supporting young people to develop their careers. In her spare time, she can be found out in nature paddle- boarding or rock climbing!


How it works:

After contacting us you will receive a call the following working day to book an appointment with one of our PRISM Practitioners. Your PRISM Practitioners send you a questionnaire by email which you will need to fill in our guidance.

Based on your answers, our brainmapping profiling tool will generate a four dimensional report along with a 13 page workbook that maps YOUR personal characteristics. Your PRISM Practitioner will take you through this report in detail to ensure that you have a full understanding of your behavioural tendencies and help you know yourself more.

You will then be guided towards a database of 900 different jobs. Your report will be compared with the jobs within this database to match the specific roles that are the most suitable for your current skills and behavioural traits. This database will provide information on tasks work activities, knowledge skills and education for each job and is accessible permanently online after the report is generated.

Content and cost:

4D Map (recommended for students between 12-15 years):

- One hour of one-on-one support to complete the questionnaire

- One hour of feedback with a PRISM practitioner

- Downloadable workbook

- Four dimensional report

Only €144 excluding VAT

Career Match

- One hour of feedback with a PRISM practitioner

- A detailed eight dimensional report

- Work aptitude and work environment reports

- Career development analysis

- Access to careers database with careers most suited for the individual reportt

Only €165 excluding VAT



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